Thursday, October 27, 2016

Allegory Gallery's Magic Potion Special Challenge Reveal

Look at the beautiful beady goodness!
Today is the reveal date for Allegory Gallery's Magic Potion Challenge.  This is one of their "Special" challenges in that one does not know what the kit will include.  The only "clue" was the above graphic.  I have participated in the challenges before, but this was the first "special" one I tried.  Boy, was I ever glad I joined!  One of my favorite colors is purple and this kit was loaded with purples.

Magic Potion Bracelet
Andrew Thornton creates beautiful pendants for these challenges and this time along with the pendant we received a bonus of two star rounds which I knew I'd make earrings out of.  The pendant has stars and swirls on it and is one of my favorites.

The first item I made was a bracelet using the pendant Andrew made and the wonderful large acrylic and glass beads.  There was a black bead with sparkles in it that is absolutely lovely, but unfortunately the photo does not do it justice.  I happened to have a small purple button that matched the colors too - bonus! 

Magic Potion Necklace

Next I made this necklace.  I used the black Obsidian(?) chips, the silver rectangle beads and the small deep red rounds.  I added some vintage crystal roundels and a large dark red faceted round I had for the pendant.

 I made a few pair of earrings to go with the necklace. 
 Then I finished (last night!) with the earrings I originally thought to make.

I think that wax linen cord just makes earrings fun so I used that to add shimmery purples to the bottom of the star rounds.  The best part of all is that I still have plenty of beads left over for more projects!  Thank you Andrew and Allegory Gallery : )

Stop by the Allegory Gallery Design Challenges Facebook page for all the other items that were made for this special challenge.