Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Welcome to ubetchabeads blog!

This is my first blog post for ubetchabeads, a handcrafted jewelry line that I have been selling on Etsy called "ubetchabeads1" since 2012, and at local craft fairs.  At ubetchabeads1 I offer my customers casual jewelry that's a mix of classic styles with a bohemian feel.  Beautiful beads are always the stars of each piece.

Recently I have been working with copper sheet metal and have created some jewelry pieces with rustic copper dangles.  Triangles have also been a motif I've been working with, but I've found that I need to really file down the pointed edges as rounding them makes the piece a lot more comfortable to wear - no pointy edges poking you!  
Here are a few preliminary photos of my recent work.  Photographing my jewelry has presented a whole new host of challenges with the copper elements getting weird highlights on them causing the stamping to either look too dark or just plain awful.  

This first photo is of a pair of earrings I made with the copper triangles.  Even though I filed and filed the edges, I think I'll pull them apart and file some more - they still feel a bit pokey!

This necklace features a lovely ceramic bead from Gaea Handmade.

Come join me as I plan to use this blog to describe my process, projects, tips and hopefully not too many frustrations as I continue to create my own vision of casual jewelry.  I'll also participate in some bead blog hops and contests  along the way and will introduce those of you who are new to jewelry making to some of the wonderful jewelry designers and bead makers out there.

Thanks for joining me here. 


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